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UL Certified Functional Safety Professionals and eXperts- SemiConductor

First Name Last Name Company Name Country CERT Certificate Number Renewal Date
Islam  Ahmed Mentor Egypt  UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1014 8/8/2022
Nicholas  Alexiades UL USA UL-CFSX- SemiCon FSXSemi1001  7/18/2022
Bakil Alshami kVA by UL USA UL-CFSX- SemiCon FSXSemi1003 7/8/2022
Heghi  Andreea-Gabriela Mentor Romania UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1013 8/8/2022
Carlos Avalos kVA by UL USA UL-CFSX- SemiCon FSXSemi1004 7/8/2022
Doug Barnes kVA by UL USA UL-CFSX- SemiCon FSXSemi1005 7/8/2022
Christopher Chan Flir USA  UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1006  7/18/2022
Madan Das Mentor USA UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1024 8/8/2022
Nabarun Das kVA by UL USA UL-CFSX- SemiCon FSXSemi1006 7/8/2022
Vinayak  Desai Mentor USA UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1011 8/8/2022
Gontia  Flavia Mentor Romania UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1012 8/8/2022
Vedant Garg Mentor USA UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1026 8/8/2022
Arun  Gogineni Mentor USA UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1019 8/8/2022
Rajeev Govil  Flir  USA UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1008 7/18/2022
Chuck Handley Flir USA UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1005 7/18/2022
Dirk Hansen Mentor Germany UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1028 8/8/2022
Randal Hansen Flir USA  UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1009 7/18/2022 
Longxiang (Darren) Jing Flir  USA  UL-CFSP-SemiCon  FSPSemi1001  7/18/2022 
Kelsey Judd  Flir  USA UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1003  7/18/2022
Martin  Keim Mentor USA UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1017 8/8/2022
Angelina Kretz kVA by UL USA UL-CFSX- SemiCon FSXSemi1007 7/8/2022
Gokul Krithivasan kVA by UL USA UL-CFSX- SemiCon FSXSemi1010 7/8/2022
Eric Kurth Flir  USA  UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1004 7/18/2022 
Terry Lyons Mentor USA UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1022 8/8/2022
Austin Mam Mentor USA UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1020 8/8/2022
Jody Nelson kVA by UL USA UL-CFSX- SemiCon FSXSemi1008 7/8/2022
Sanjay Pillay Mentor USA UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1023 8/8/2022
Etienne Racine Mentor Canada UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1027 8/8/2022
John Schlesselmann Flir  USA UL-CFSP-SemiCon  FSPSemi1007 7/18/2022
Rahul  Seth Mentor USA UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1016 8/8/2022
Jason R. Smith UL USA UL-CFSX- SemiCon  FSXSemi1002  7/18/2022
Sean Tauber Flir  USA UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1010  7/18/2022 
Priya  Viswanathan Mentor USA UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1018 8/8/2022
Bill Taylor kVA by UL USA UL-CFSX- SemiCon FSXSemi1009 7/8/2022
Paul Williams Mentor UK UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1025 8/8/2022
Jacob Wiltgen Mentor USA UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1021 8/8/2022
Chris  Wok Mentor USA UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1015 8/8/2019
Kevin Ye Flir  USA UL-CFSP-SemiCon FSPSemi1002 7/18/2022
Calvin (Hang Fung) Yip kVA by UL USA UL-CFSX- SemiCon FSXSemi1011 7/8/2022

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