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UL Certified Functional Safety Professionals and eXperts- Automotive

First Name Last Name Company Name Country CERT Certificate Number Renewal Date
Nicholas Alexiades UL USA UL-CFSX- Auto FSXAuto1001 7/8/2022
Bakil Alshami kVA by UL USA UL-CFSX- Auto FSXAuto1003 7/8/2022
Carlos Avalos kVA by UL USA UL-CFSX- Auto FSXAuto1004 7/8/2022
Tim  Baggett Microchip USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1042 8/29/2022
Doug Barnes kVA by UL USA UL-CFSX- Auto FSXAuto1005 7/8/2022
Mark  Baynham Microchip USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1035 8/29/2022
Bruce  Beauchamp Microchip USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1024 8/29/2022
Michael  Bergstrom kVA by UL USA UL-CFSX-Auto FSXAuto1015 8/20/2022
Mike  Bucala Daimler Trucks NA USA UL-CFSX-Auto FSXAuto1012 7/15/2022
Shannon  Cash Microchip USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1039 8/29/2022
Vincent Chen UL  Taiwan UL-CFSP-Auto  FSPAuto1007  7/26/2022
Derek  Crawford Detroit Diesel USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1047 9/12/2022
Michael  Cray Microchip USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1045 8/29/2022
Nabarun Das kVA by UL USA UL-CFSX- Auto FSXAuto1006 7/8/2022
Vaishali  Dlugoss kVA by UL USA UL-CFSX-Auto FSXAuto1017 8/22/2022
William  Gao UL China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1009 7/26/2022
Andrea  Gil kVA by UL USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1016 8/19/2022
Bill  Hawkins Microchip USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1023 8/29/2022
Carlton  Heyer Microchip USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1025 8/29/2022
Winter  Ho UL Taiwan UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1013 7/26/2022
Leah  Hong Microchip USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1034 8/29/2022
Hans  Hsieh UL Taiwan UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1014 7/26/2022
David  Jang Microchip USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1028 8/29/2022
Hugo  Jung  UL Korea  UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1006 7/26/2022
Kenneth  Kapchan Microchip USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1031 8/29/2022
Brandon  Kaploe Uber USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1055 9/13/2022
Oleg  Khainovski Uber USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1061 9/13/2022
Timothy  Kitagawa Microchip USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1043 8/29/2022
Angelina Kretz kVA by UL USA UL-CFSX- Auto FSXAuto1007 7/8/2022
Gokul Krithivasan kVA by UL USA UL-CFSX- Auto FSXAuto1010 7/8/2022
Pranav  Kalluri kVA by UL USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1017 8/19/2022
Dennis  Letang Detroit Diesel USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1046 9/12/2022
David Li UL China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1005  7/26/2022
Wilhelm  Liechtfried Microchip USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1044 8/29/2022
Sunny  Liu UL China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1011 7/26/2022
Yuan  Liu Uber USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1056 9/13/2022
Bashier Machmur UL Germany UL-CFSP- Auto FSPAuto1001 7/18/2022
Mark  Marzona Uber USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1054 9/13/2022
Anthony  Mauro Detroit Diesel USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1052 9/12/2022
James  Michalenko Uber USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1059 9/13/2022
Danny  Moore Microchip USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1027 8/29/2022
Sarang  Nampoothiri Uber USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1057 9/13/2022
Jody Nelson kVA by UL USA UL-CFSX- Auto FSXAuto1008 7/8/2022
Aklesh  Nigam Microchip USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1022 8/29/2022
Henry Oh UL  Korea UL-CFSP-Auto FXPAuto1008 7/26/2022
Shinichi  Ohki` Microchip USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1040 8/29/2022
Parth Parikh UL USA UL-CFSP- Auto FSPAuto1002 7/18/2022
Viral Patel UL USA UL-CFSP- Auto FSPAuto1003 7/18/2022
Reenu Paul Detroit Diesel USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1051 9/12/2022
Jorge  Polo Microchip USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1030 8/29/2022
Alfred  Qiao Uber USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1053 9/13/2022
Naveen  Raj Microchip USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1036 8/29/2022
Jennifer  Rajala kVA by UL USA UL-CFSX-Auto FSXAuto1013 7/29/2022
Joshua Rice Detroit Diesel USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1048 9/12/2022
Ken  Rosol kVA by UL USA UL-CFSX-Auto FSXAuto1014 8/15/2022
Eric  Ross kVA by UL USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1018 8/19/2022
Ronald Rudniski UL USA UL-CFSP- Auto FSPAuto1004 7/18/2022
Varunraj  Shedge Nexteer Automotive USA UL-CFSX-Auto FSXAuto1018 9/12/2022
Abhishek Shivkumar kVA by UL USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1019 8/19/2022 
Todd Christopher  Slater Detroit Diesel USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1049 9/12/2022
Jason R. Smith UL USA UL-CFSX- Auto FSXAuto1002 7/18/2022
Sean  Steedman Microchip USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1038 8/29/2022
Ro  Stoltzfoos Uber USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1060 9/13/2022
Guhan  Subbarayan Uber USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1062 9/13/2022
Bill Taylor kVA by UL USA UL-CFSX- Auto FSXAuto1009 7/8/2022
Larisa  Troyegubova Microchip USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1032 8/29/2022
Jack  Tung Uber USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1058 9/13/2022
Rohit  Vedachalam kVA by UL USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1020 8/19/2022
Aravind Alapakkam  Venkateswaran kVA by UL USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1015 8/19/2022
Thorsten  Waclawczyk Microchip USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1041 8/29/2022
Jerry  Wang Microchip USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1029 8/29/2022
Min  Wang Microchip USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1026 8/29/2022
Leo  Wang Microchip USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1033 8/29/2022
Zihao  Wang kVA by UL USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1021 8/19/2022
Jacquelyn  Wilson Detroit Diesel USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1050 9/12/2022
Jim  Winkelman kVA by UL USA UL-CFSX-Auto FSXAuto1016 8/21/2022
Saturn  Wu Microchip USA UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1037 8/29/2022
Sean Yang UL  Korea  UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1010 7/26/2022
Calvin (Hang Fung) Yip kVA by UL USA UL-CFSX- Auto FSXAuto1011 7/8/2022
Amy  Zhang UL China UL-CFSP-Auto FSPAuto1012 7/26/2022

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