Private and Custom Workshops and Round-Table Discussions by UL

Workshop Request FormWhile the public training venues offered by UL Knowledge Solutions offer a wealth of knowledge, many companies can maximize their training investment through UL Knowledge Solutions private, customized and round table workshops.

Private Workshops

Does your organization have five or more employees interested in training? If so, let UL Knowledge Solutions bring expert instruction to you through a private workshop. Led by technical experts, UL Knowledge Services will provide team members with up-to-date information on ever-changing global regulatory schemes and product safety requirements in a tailored content format to meet the specific certification needs of your product line. Participants gain maximum benefit by focusing on their company’s business objectives that can be immediately applied to product and marketing strategies.*

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Custom Workshops

Does your organization have a multitude of training needs?  If yes, custom workshops will provide the maximum impact and can be delivered to a diverse audience such as senior management, design engineers or regulatory compliance professionals.  Using an interactive process, UL Knowledge Services will work with you to integrate content from several public workshops or develop new content to meet your company’s specific certification needs. Typical steps include:

  • Situation analysis
  • Custom program development
  • Program delivery format (in-house, self-paced, etc.)
  • Post-program measurement
  • Applied learning audits
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Round-Table Discussions

A round-table training approach is an effective means of providing technical training to your staff when a sense of urgency exists and time will not allow for the development of course materials.  This training approach uses the appropriate regulatory Standard, your product(s), and a UL technical expert to teach your staff the requirements and interpretations of the Standard as it applies to your product.  This informal approach does not include presentations, but rather, a direct hands-on training and discussion to Standard interpretation for your product.  This methodology is most effective with an audience of 10 or fewer participants.*

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* Private and custom workshops offered for Management Systems Solutions (ISO standards) are tailored from public offerings. Round-table discussions are not available for Management Systems Solutions (ISO standards).

Interested in a private, customized and/or round-table learning solution?

For more detailed information that's tailored to your specific training requirements and business goals, please fill out our Private/Custom Workshop Online Request Form. We'll get back to you quickly with a proposal. Or, if you prefer, please contact UL Knowledge Services Customer care at 888-503-5536 or email ulknowledgesolutions@ul.com

Customer Testimonial

"I would like to take this time and thank all of you guys for helping me and my company with the recent NFPA 70E training. All of the employees that attended told me how much they enjoyed the excellent and professional leadership that Mark communicated to them about this subject. We could not have found anyone or any group that could have even come close to the outstanding job that you all performed. I knew when I attended the same seminar in Durham back in October that Mark was the man that I wanted to train my guys. I am looking forward to working with you all possibly in the near future."

Many Thanks!
Ronnie Haigler
Liggett Group Inc.
Supervisor Electrical and Instrument Departments


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