Commercial Electric Cooking Appliances: Designing for Compliance to UL 197


This comprehensive one-day workshop will help engineers design commercial cooking appliances more rapidly by more thoroughly understanding the safety requirements needed to comply with UL 197. The course emphasizes the purpose of UL performance tests and construction, and their impact on appliance construction and functionality, rather than on a line-by-line review of the standard.  The connection between portions of the National Electrical Code and UL 197 is also covered, as engineers at times need to speak the language of the “code” with local AHJ’s. Descriptions of the types of markings used for installation and servicing are also provided during the course.

A copy of the UL 197 Standard is included with your workshop materials ($490 USD value).


Workshop Topics

  • Internal wiring
  • Bonding and polarity
  • Heating element and temperature controls
  • Motor protection
  • Circuit types
  • Branch circuit and over current protection
  • Electrical spacings
  • Appliance ratings
  • Markings types and purposes
  • Testing for shock, mechanical and fire hazards


100% of the tuition paid for this workshop will be credited toward any commercial electric cooking appliances UL listing certification project opened within 90 days of workshop completion*.

*Offer limited to one paid tuition rebate per project. Credit applied at time of project initiation. Contact your local UL Sales Representative for details.


  • Identify the three main risk categories UL investigates and related construction and performance requirements
  • Select the methods of connection to the electrical supply source
  • Define primary and secondary circuit types
  • Explain branch circuit and over protection requirements for large powered products
  • Identify the purpose of UL 197 tests and the risk categories each addresses
  • Understand the relationship between certain articles of the National Electrical Code and the particular requirements of UL 197
  • Determine how various appliance ratings are affected by different requirements of UL 197
  • Understand the correct temperature controls for this category and the applicable component standards that must be used for given product
  • Describe the purpose of markings as related to installation, use and servicing

Target Audience

  • Design engineers
  • Product safety engineers
  • Regulatory compliance engineers
  • Product managers
  • Commercial cooking appliance sales representatives
  • Commercial cooking appliance marketing representatives
  • Commercial cooking appliance distributors

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Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

  • 0.7 IACET CEUs; contact your local jurisdiction for CEU recognition.
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Time Requirement


Instructor-Led 1 day

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