Relays, Electromechanical Elementary UL 61810-1


The introduction of UL IEC-based standards for industrial control equipment required finding a home in the IEC world of standards for products covered by UL 508, the long-standing North-American based standard for industrial control equipment. While most products covered by UL 508 matched the scope of the IEC 60947 series of standards, relays did not. The IEC 61810 series of standards was determined to be the appropriate requirements for relays. The first edition of UL 61810-1, Electromechanical Elementary Relays – Part 1: General Requirements was published in July 2015. It is an IEC-based standard for relays to provide certification requirements that facilitate the application of relays in the global marketplace. This is possible as UL 61810-1 is well-harmonized with IEC 61810-1.

The workshop focuses on how to select, interpret and apply the appropriate requirements for evaluating relays in accordance with the first edition of UL 61810-1. It covers the critical parts of UL 61810-1, scope of standard, terms and definitions, influence quantities, general provisions for testing, specific test procedures, construction specifications and much more.

Also included will be an explanation of the development of UL 61810-1 and the transition of relay certifications from existing UL categories to a new certification category for relays.


Each participant will receive a participant workbook and a copy of the UL 61810-1 Standard ($567 USD value).


Workshop Topics:

  • Development of UL 61810-1
  • Comparison of UL 61810-1 to IEC 61810-1
  • Examples of relays covered by IEC 61810-1
  • Terms and definitions of relay types
  • Influence quantities
  • Operative range
  • Categories of environmental protection
  • Duty factor
  • Single mounting conditions and group mounting conditions
  • Test Procedure A and Test Procedure B
  • Temperature testing
  • Operating function
  • Overload and endurance testing
  • Clearances, creepage distances and solid insulation
  • Wiring terminations
  • Sealing of relay case and contact unit
  • Heat and fire resistance
  • Insulating material requirements
  • Documentation and marking
  • Creation of new UL certification category for Relays
  • Transition of relay certifications from existing categories to the new category for relays


  • Discuss the development of UL 61810-1  
  • Define the differences between UL 61810-1 and IEC 61810-1
  • Navigate UL 61810-1 to determine the applicable requirements for a specific relay
  • Determine the appropriate tests for relays
  • Explain terms and definitions of relay types and influence quantities
  • Define categories of environmental protection and duty factor for relays
  • Discuss the differences between single mounting conditions and group mounting conditions
  • Discuss the differences between Test Procedure A and Test Procedure B
  • Demonstrate the test conditions for temperature, operating function and overload and endurance
  • Explain clearances, creepage distances and solid insulation
  • Discuss the differences between IEC Heat and fire resistance and UL Insulating material requirements
  • Explain the transition of relay certifications from existing UL categories to the new category for relays

Target Audience

  • Relay designers and engineers
  • Regulatory compliance engineers
  • Control panel manufacturers
  • Manufacturers of end-products incorporating relays

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

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Time Requirement


Instructor-Led 1 day $550.00

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