508A 3rd Edition Update - Recorded Webinar with UL Principal Engineer , John Kovacik


The 508A Standard is the premier document for designing and constructing Industrial Control Panels for compliance with the National Electrical Code. Hear UL's Principal Engineer for Industrial Control Panels, John Kovacik, and gain an insider's look at the detailed changes relevant to the new UL 508A 3rd Edition.

The 3rd Edition was published on April 24, 2018 with an effective date of July 1, 2020 for new and revised requirements. Understanding and applying current requirements is essential to meet customer needs and market demands.

John will cover the following important topics and much more as he works his way through the many changes that have occurred over the past few years leading up to the publication of the 3rd Edition of 508A.


  • Removal and relocation of Supplement SA
  • Cable Assemblies and Fittings for Power and Control Circuits
  • Use of Wiring Ferrules
  • Increasing the Maximum Voltage in Scope to 1000 V
  • Industrial Control Panels with LED Luminaires
  • Electromagnetic Interference Filters Used with Variable-Speed Drives
  • Use of Surge Protective Devices
  • Interlocking means to prevent restoring power
  • Redefining the definition of Low Voltage
  • Feeder tap conductors
  • Industrial Control Panels for Load Management Applications
  • Sizing an internal bonding conductor
  • Alternate conductor identification for Industrial Machinery panels
  • Multiple Disconnects in Industrial Control Panels
  • UPS Equipment in Industrial Control Panels

Event participants will receive a detailed guide explaining the changes in the Standard with specific mark-ups of the changes.


Upon completion of this webinar, participants should be able to:

  • Identify key changes in the 3rd Edition of 508A
  • Define the rationale behind the key changes
  • Describe the effect of the key changes on industrial control panels
  • Apply the new and revised requirements to the design and construction of Industrial Control Panels


Target Audience

  • Design engineers
  • Product safety certification engineers
  • Regulatory/Compliance Inspectors
  • Technical sales and marketing staff
  • Anyone interested in the design, manufacture and use of industrial control panels
  • All interested in reducing the risk of harm to persons, property or the environment relative to the use of industrial control panels
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Time Requirement


Web-Based 2 hours $120.00

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