Recorded Webinar - What Every Retailer/E-tailer Needs to Know About Lithium Based Technology (free)


As innovation continues to propel the rechargeable battery market, these advancements have transformed traditional products that were previously only connected via AC outlet to have new cordless abilities. Cordless vacuums, drones, e-mobility devices, gas-free generators, and other products are being placed on the retail shelf as well as in the electrical room utilizing lithium batteries. For the brick-and-mortar store fronts or distribution centers, there is increased value to include lithium based technology for running the store itself. Join UL for a webinar to understand the changes to the market and how lithium batteries will continue to rapidly evolve product catalogues and electrical infrastructure.


Topics Covered

  • Brief history of UL and batteries
  • Industry alerts for various lithium battery products
  • UL Standards reference guide by application
  • Proper storage, transport and disposal


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Time Requirement


Pre-Recorded Webinar 60 minutes

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