Plastics - and the right selection in accordance with UL 94 & UL 746A-D


Il seminario si terra in italiano. Il materiale didattico sara in inglese.

This seminar will be held in Italian language. The course materials are in English language.


The plastics seminar gives a complete overview of how UL’s evaluates plastic materials that are used in end product applications. Not only the test methods and interpretation of test results are discussed, but also the rationale why these tests are required will be explained. The theory will be supported and clarified by a number of exercises, movies of tests and a real case study directly applying the learned knowledge. After this seminar it will be much easier to develop new materials more efficiently for your clients (plastics manufacturers) or to better select new and more cost efficient materials for your own end product applications (end products clients).

Workshop Topics:

  • Introduction of UL, presenter and audience
  • Flammability classification
  • Resistance to ignition
  • Electrical, mechanical and thermal properties
  • Electrical insulation
  • Long term thermal considerations
  • Exercise: material evaluation of appliance connector
  • Material substitution
  • Special applications
  • How to use UL’s databases


  • Reduced Time-To-Market
  • Understanding of the different international plastics test methods
  • Understanding of how UL determines requirements to plastics applied in end products
  • Being able to perform a material evaluation yourself
  • Knowledge how to use UL’s internet (plastics) databases
  • Knowing the benefits of UL’s molder program
  • Personal discussions, to clarify individual questions

Target Audience

  • R & D Engineers
  • Designated Regulatory Staff
  • Quality Manager
  • Technical Groups and Manager
  • Supplier and Technical Purchasing

Take a lab tour!

Further on you have the possibility to have a look behind the scenes during a lab tour of the UL Thermoplastics Testing Center.


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Time Requirement


Workshop 2 days
1 395,00 €

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