UL 1446: Insulation Systems (Class A, E, B, F, H used in Motors, Transformers, Bobbins) for USA Market Access


Il seminario si terra in italiano. Il materiale didattico sara in inglese.

This seminar will be held in Italian language. The course materials are in English language.


This seminar is key to design motors, pumps, fans, electrical valves, bobbins, solenoids and transformers for the USA market access. The theory will be supported and clarified by a number of exercises and a real case study directly applying the learned knowledge. Participating to this course will make much easier to select Insulation Systems and the introduction of changes necessary for your applications.

Workshop Topics
  • UL 1446: the UL standard for Insulation Systems for components and products for USA market
  • Definition of Insulation System according to UL 1446
  • UL Data base (http://iq.ul.com) to search for UL Recognized Insulation Systems
  • Adoption of a UL Recognized Insulation System
  • Insulation Systems Components:
    • major components
    • minor components
  • Modify components within an insulation system:
    • Sealed Tube test
Relevant Categories
  • Motors, pumps, fans
  • Electric valves
  • Bobbins and solenoids
  • Transformers
  • Products that use one or more of the above components

Target Audience

  • R&D engineers
  • Quality engineers
  • Certification engineers
  • Purchase and/or Sales of component

Special Offers

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Time Requirement


Workshop 1 day
825,00 €

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