Recorded Webinar: Safety Qualification 2.0 for IEC 61730 (free)


The international standards for Photovoltaic (PV) module safety qualification, IEC 61730 series, were recently updated to adapt and recognize the changes in technologies in the PV module industry. The new edition complies and relies on the important and fundamental concepts from IEC horizontal standards, in particular IEC 60664 series. This standard series defines and uses the concepts of “insulation coordination” and, in combination with IEC 61140, defines “application classes” that apply to PV modules.

IEC 60664 and IEC 61140 cover factors that influence insulation requirements such as material groups, installation type, location of the installation, pollution degree, system voltages, and over-voltages that may appear in the system. The new material and component requirements were derived from those standards and now comply with other electrical appliances.

This also helped to develop the fundamental understanding of 1,500V DC components and the materials used in the construction of PV modules. New concepts were included in the publication like distance through insulation and cemented joints. These new concepts are ideal for further development of PV modules and help to further drive renewable energy growth with photovoltaic.


Upon completion of this webinar, participants will learn:

  • Why the IEC 61730 updates were needed and what they cover
  • What insulation coordination means
  • What is meant by classes, pollution degree and material groups
  • What applications are covered by IEC 61730


Dr. Bengt Jaeckel
Principal Engineer


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Time Requirement


Pre-Recorded Webinar 60 minutes

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