Recorded Webinar: Streamline Global Market Access with UL 508 Standard Transition to UL IEC-Based Standards (Free)


Outside North America, IEC Standards are the prevailing safety requirements for products. Within North America there is a migration towards IEC Standards, and it will only continue in that direction. So, the Industrial Control Equipment industry has requested streamlined global market access, therefore UL has initiated the steps necessary to harmonize UL 508, the Standard for Industrial Control Equipment, with the IEC 60947 series of standards. Amongst numerous updates to the overall process, this harmonization has resulted in the publication of several standards within the new UL 60947 Standards series. UL certification of products to IEC-based standards facilitates acceptance of those products globally, not just for North America. This allows manufacturers to design and build one product that is accepted in markets worldwide. This webinar will review the current state, future state and the overall implementation plan of the UL 508 Standard transition.


  • History of UL 60947 Standards
  • The need for UL 60947
  • Products affected by the transition from UL 508 to UL 60947
  • Overview of IEC 60947 Standards
  • Structure of UL/IEC 60947 Standards
  • Transition plan for currently certified products: from UL 508 to UL 60947 Standards
  • High level comparison of UL 60947, UL 508, and IEC 60947
  • Global Market Access benefits of UL 60947 Standards

Target Audience

  • Industrial control equipment designers and engineers
  • Users of industrial control equipment
  • Industrial control panel designers and engineers
  • Distributors, representatives and retrofitters for industrial control panels
  • Regulatory compliance engineers
  • Sales and marketing staff associated with the control and power distribution industries


John Kovacik

John Kovacik, Principal Engineer/Corporate Fellow, is UL’s Primary Designated Engineer (PDE) for industrial control equipment; components and assemblies including control panels and industrial machinery. His primary responsibilities are driving consistency, integrity and engineering quality in the establishment and application of UL product certification requirements.

John’s 42-year career with UL includes many years of experience with codes and standards. He represents UL on a number of technical committees covering a broad range of subjects for NFPA, NEMA and the IEC. This includes membership as UL’s principal representative on the NFPA 20 Committee for Stationary Fire Pumps and the NFPA 79 Committee for Industrial Machinery. He serves as the Technical Advisor for the U.S. National Committee Technical Advisory Group for IEC/SC 121A.

John is UL’s Principal member on the National Electrical Code (NEC®) Correlating Committee and is responsible for coordinating UL's participation in NEC activities. He is also a member of NEC Code Panels 12 and 13.

John is a Corporate Fellow of UL’s William Henry Merrill Society, has received the IEC 1906 Award, the NFPA Committee Service Award, the NFPA Richard G. Biermann Award and is an NFPA Life Member.


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