Recorded Webinar: For Accelerated Global Market Access – Understand Your HazLoc Markings


Navigating the complex landscape of global hazardous locations (explosive atmospheres) is a challenge. Business remains highly contentious due to continued low oil prices and other global economic challenges, including the competitive petroleum, chemical and energy businesses. These complexities and challenges can have negative impact, delaying the speed and significantly increase the costs of bringing products to market.

By applying UL expertise across all facets of the Hazardous Locations supply chain, we will educate industry stakeholders on the common HazLoc markings. Join us for this informational webinar to decode and/or review the myriad of product markings and certifications, including North American Listings, ATEX and IECEx Certifications and more.


Upon completion of this webinar participants will be able to:

  • Identify hazardous locations product markings across the supply chain
  • Provide high-level terminology overview associated with division and zone-classified hazardous locations as used in North America
  • Identify international markings including IECEx & ATEX

Target Audience

  • R&D engineers
  • Product designers
  • Safety engineers
  • Jurisdictional authorities
  • Government regulatory staff
  • USCG
  • BSEE
  • Field engineers and other staff involved in using equipment in hazardous locations
  • HazLoc salespeople & marketing
  • Component manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • Oil companies and operators
  • Skid and Assembly manufacturers

About the Instructor

John Chambers
Hazardous Locations Staff Engineer

John Chambers is a UL Staff Engineer with 20 years of experience in research, testing and conformity assessment experience in the Hazardous Locations, Oil and Gas Industries. He is an expert in ATEX, IECEx and Division based HazLoc requirements. He is a participating member of TC31 IECEx committees.

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Time Requirement


Web-Based 60 minutes

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