Transformers: Global Market Access (GMA)/ Efficiency per DOE and NRCan


Navigating the global regulations for DoE, NRCan, CE, IEC Publications; UL-EU Mark, global energy efficiency and SASO is a challenge for any size company. Compliance with these regulations can enable successful installations, accelerated market deliveries and profitable results.

This educational webinar will provide insight into GMA for low-voltage and medium-voltage transformers for use in energy, distribution and general applications. UL experts will guide you through the processes and provide an overview of key elements that make up today’s transformer products. Don’t miss this opportunity to tap into over 60 years of UL expertise in the area of transformer certification and energy efficiency.


Upon completion of this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Identify the appropriate standard(s) US compliance and Global Market Access.
  • Understand appropriate requirements for Marking.
  • Understand the fundamentals of Functional Safety: concepts and principles of international standards and Federal Regulation.

Target Audience

  • Transformer Manufacturers
  • Transformer/Engineering Consultants
  • Transformer Design Engineers
  • Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs)
  • Transformer Buyers
  • Transformer Importers & Exporters

Instructor Biography

Jason Knedlhans
UL Position

Global Manager in Energy & Power Technologies Division
Jason has extensive experience with power distribution and energy products as part of more than a 10 year career with UL. He has managed the Power Technologies engineering team for 3 years, with responsibility for wind turbines, generator, PV, inverter and power distribution equipment products. Jason also works closely with UL’s Global Market Access (GMA) team to identify industry trends and help ensure UL is prepared to address regulatory changes.
He began his career at UL as a project engineer and has held a number of positions before managing the Power Technologies engineering team. Jason was previously with an automotive manufacturer, where he was responsible for reliability and testing of charging system components, including wound components. Jason received his degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and studied at the University of Kent in England.


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Time Requirement


Pre-Recorded Webinar 60 minutes

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