Complimentary Webinar: UL Small Appliance Component Acceptance Alternatives – A Manufacturer’s Guide


UL Small Appliance Webinar on “Component Acceptance Alternatives – A Manufacturer’s Guide” presented by Joel Hawk, Small Appliance Principal Engineering Manager

This webinar will provide a history and evolution of UL component programs followed by an introduction of the recently developed Component Acceptance Program. This new program allows certain components to be evaluated as part of the end product as opposed to requiring UL Recognition or Unlisted Component coverage. This can result in reduced project cost, lead time, number of points of UL contact, extent of component testing, FUS fees, among other benefits. The program also has provision accepting other NRTL and TIC agency certifications so that programs do not need to be repeated in their entirety.


Upon Completion of this webinar participants will learn:

  • What is a Listed Product versus a Recognized Component versus an Unlisted Component versus an Embedded Component – A brief history of the evolution (and devolution) of component programs
  • What is the difference between a NRTL Certifier versus TIC
  • End product standards versus horizontal component standards
  • Challenges faced by past component programs: cost, time, multiple projects, retesting of components, over-testing of components
  • UL’s Component Acceptance Program – Purpose and benefits
  • Components included/excluded
  • Request for adding new components
  • UL Small Appliance structure – Part 1 and Part 2, applicable to all SA products

Target Audience

  • Manufacturer’s
  • R&D Teams
  • Product Manager’s
  • Product Safety Engineers
  • Regulatory & Compliance Managers
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Time Requirement


Web-Based 60 minutes

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