Performance Testing of Fire Department Aerial Devices – Recorded Webinar


This free 60-minute recorded webinar is a preview to Fire Equipment Safety: Inspection of Aerial Units eLearning modules. The purpose of the webinar is to educate fire departments and personnel responsible for in-service maintenance and inspections of aerial devices. It is designed to provide participants an overview of the requirements found in Chapter 22 of NFPA 1911, Standard for the Inspection, Maintenance, Testing and Retirement of In-Service Fire Apparatus, 2017 Edition.

Upon completion of this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Understand the offerings UL provides to the fire service
  • Explain the requirements found in Chapter 22 of NFPA 1911 (2017 edition)
  • Understand the requirements testing organizations and technicians must meet in order to perform non-destructive testing
  • Avoid common aerial inspection pitfalls

Please note that at the time of this recording, the relevant information was located in Chapter 19 of NFPA 1911, but due to recent updates, the relevant information is now found in Chapter 22 of NFPA 1911.

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Web-Based 60 minutes

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