Introduction to Boiler Safety


This course describes a typical boiler room and its components, explains the operating sequence of a boiler, and identifies the required safety controls and their function and rationale. It concludes by examining the rationale and procedures for various preventative maintenance functions for a boiler assembly.

  • Introduction and examination of a typical boiler room (process flow from water/fuel in to water/steam/exhaust out)
  • Defining the operating sequence of a boiler from startup to shut down.
  • Identifying the safety controls of a burner/boiler and explaining the rationale of why they are required by the codes/safety standards
  • Understanding the requirements for preventative maintenance functions associated with the burner, boiler, fuel trains, and other boiler room equipment.


Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding a typical boiler room, its operating equipment and associated functions.
  • Define the operating sequence of a boiler from start up to shut down.
  • Define the code/standard required minimum controls and safety devices (and their function) of a boiler assembly.
  • Indicate a basic understanding of the requirements for preventive maintenance associated with the boiler, burner, fuel trains, and associated boiler room equipment.

Target Audience

Burner/boiler plant (facilities) operators, technicians, and maintenance personnel.

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Time Requirement


Instructor-Led 2 days $599.00

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