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NFPA 285 Recorded Webinar


In this one hour webinar you will learn about the NFPA 285 requirements for the evaluation of fire characteristics of external wall assemblies. The webinar is essential for industry professionals who manufacturer, design, engineer, or inspect products and systems used in building structures where exterior fire performance is considered for effective job performance.

The webinar will discuss requirements for the evaluation of exterior wall systems and components and is essential for those concerned with exterior fire performance of exterior wall systems and components.


  • Explain NFPA 285 testing and requirements
  • Describe UL’s Certification Program for exterior walls
  • Identify assemblies and components in exterior walls
  • Understand UL’s online compliance tools such as the UL Online Directory

Target Audience

  • Manufacturer, designer, engineer, or inspector of building products and systems
  • Multiple roles and levels in an organization including:
    • Compliance staff
    • Product design
    • Consulting
    • Marketing
    • Sales
    • New hire engineers
    • Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) staff
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Time Requirement


Web-Based 1 hour

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