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UL 1446: Insulation Systems (Class A, E, B, F, H used in Motors, Transformers, Bobbins) for USA Market Access


This seminar will be held in English language. The course materials are in English language.


This highly interactive one-day workshop will give you the latest information on electrical insulation systems and system components, plus provide extensive information about UL tests, ratings and requirements for magnet wire coatings, magnet wire, varnishes, and insulation systems. You will also learn how to use UL’s Insulation Systems Directory to select the right recognized insulation system for your products.

The purpose of this one-day workshop is to increase your awareness of the safety issues involved with utilizing an insulation system in electronic and electrical products. A series of lectures and classroom exercises have been designed to enhance your skills in selecting a system for specific product applications. The knowledge you gain from this workshop will help you make better, more informed decisions regarding the selection of systems, and help you move from the design stage to production as quickly as possible.

Participants will be evaluated via case studies, and include short answer, quiz questions, oral questions, and product scenarios.

Each participant will receive a participant workbook and a copy of the UL 1446 Standard ($502.00 USD value). 



By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe why an Electrical Insulation System is thermally aged
  • Identify test requirements for EIS
  • Explain how to modify an existing EIS
  • Describe UL submittal process
  • Demonstrate use of UL’s online EIS database


 Target Audience

  • Product safety engineers
  • Compliance engineers
  • Product designers
  • Technical marketing professionals


Target Audience


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Time Requirement


Workshop 1 day
825,00 €

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