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UL Europe: Your Partner for North American Product Certification


Das Seminar wird in deutscher Sprache abgehalten. Die Schulungsunterlagen sind in englischer Sprache.

This seminar will be held in German language. The course materials are in English language.


This workshop introduces the North American Safety System in order to use UL Safety Standards to design products for compliance, the available UL online tools and how they are used, and product certification flexibility for product design to save time and cost and facilitate market access to the USA.

Workshop Topics
  • Entities of the North American Safety System
  • UL Safety Standards
  • Value of UL Certification
  • How certification connects codes, safety standards and those that enforce codes
  • UL online tools
  • Roles and responsibilities during Follow Up Services


  • Define the purpose of UL Safety Standards and the application to product design
  • Explain how a UL Standard is written
  • Identify key terminology and product categories used in UL Standards
  • List the types of product evaluation tests
  • Understand the available tools and be able to search the UL online directories for approved recognized components
  • List the roles and responsibilities that comprise the UL follow-up
  • Explain the roles and responsibilities of UL Follow Up Services (FUS)

Target Audience

  • Compliance and Design Staff
  • Manufacturing Staff
  • Procurement Managers and Staff
  • Sourcing Managers and Staff
  • Customer Service, Sales and Marketing Staff
  • Participants may or may not be established UL customers

Special Offers

For more participants or early enrollment discounts, please contact UL at: ULKnowledgeservices.eu@ul.com
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Time Requirement


Workshop 1 day
350,00 €

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