EMV and Contactless eLearning


Now that the U.S. is moving towards EMV, the need for education and knowledge around this subject is rising. UL Transaction Security experts addressed this by developing an eLearning course that suits a large audience. Participants can get familiar with the payments landscape and dive into EMV and contactless functional architecture, certification requirements and project implementation considerations.


Upon completion of this course, you will:

  • Become familiar with Digital Payments and the Payments Ecosystem
  • Learn about different types of payment transaction fraud and security options
  • Understand the purpose of EMV technology
  • Learn what interest do the Issuers and Acquirers have to adopt EMV
  • Learn about the EMV specifications for Acceptance Devices and Cards
  • Become familiar with Contactless technology and specifications
  • Understand card and Acceptance Device certification requirements
  • Understand how EMV impacts Issuers and Acquirers
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Time Requirement


Certificates 6 hours 30 minutes $500.00

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