Safety of Household and Similar Electrical Appliances; General Requirements, IEC 60335-1, 5.2 Edition


Knowing how to use IEC 60335-1, 5.2 Edition effectively in a product's design phase is critical to its certification and acceptance within the global marketplace. This two-day technical workshop will give you in-depth exposure to essential topics such as spacing and insulation requirements, supply connections, component requirements and performance test criteria.

A copy of IEC 60335-1 5.2 Ed. will be furnished for “in-class” use and may be purchased separately.  Click here to purchase the standard.


Workshop Topics

  • Structure of the Standard
  • Marking and instructions
  • Protection against electric shock
  • Identifying insulation parameters
  • Performance and tests
  • Moisture protection
  • Components
  • Supply connections
  • Clearances, Creepage Distances and Solid Insulation
  • Resistance to Heat and Fire
  • US National Differences
  • Worldwide Product Certification


  • Translate and interpret the basic safety considerations addressed by IEC 60335-1
  • Identify and accurately interpret key national differences as a means of developing a common product design
  • Demonstrate practical exercises during the sessions
  • Determine appropriate testing for nonmetallic materials
  • Demonstrate proper application of clearance and creepage distance  requirements based on voltage and material variables

Target Audience

  • Product safety and compliance engineers
  • Product designers
  • Laboratory Technicians

Customer Testimonial

"Excellent. Enjoyed the class very much. Well worth my time with my overwhelming schedule."


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Time Requirement


Instructor-Led 2 days $1,325.00

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