LED Light Source Design Essentials


These modules provide an introduction to UL, its history, mission and the purposes and benefits of certification. It identifies and defines the three primary certification services for lighting: listing, recognized component and the classification marks as well as the submission process. Additionally, comprehensive overviews of UL Standards and requirements for luminaires, UL 1598; LED luminaires, UL 8750; self-ballasted lamps and adapters, UL 1993; and low-voltage lighting, UL 2108 are covered. Compliance requirements for each Standard based on lamp type include construction and performance requirements, mechanical and electrical requirements, product markings, installation criteria, as well as test protocols and apparatuses are covered in-depth. This course requires participants to pass a knowledge check to receive credit for each module.


Learning objectives will be measured by:

  • Quiz

CEU’s Awarded:

  • N/A

Target Audience

  • Product safety, compliance and regulatory engineers
  • Product designers
  • Hardware and software engineers
  • Technical marketing professionals
  • Those who require a basic understanding of or who are submitting projects for investigation to: UL 8750, UL 1598, UL 1993 and/or UL 2108


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Time Requirement


Web-Based Modules 3 hr. 15 min. $385.00

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