Self-ballasted Lamps, UL 1993


This module covers the core requirements for compliance to the Standard for self-ballasted lamps and lamp adapters, UL 1993. It provides guidance on complying with mechanical and electrical construction requirements, testing and device markings. This course requires participants to pass a knowledge check to receive credit for the module.


Course Topics

  • The scope of the Standard, definitions, and general requirements
  • The compliance requirements for mechanical and electrical construction
  • Specifications for identifying environments where the products can be used
  • Requirements for tests and test apparatuses
  • Requirements for device markings
  • Annexes


  • Identify the core requirements in UL 1993
  • Apply the key elements of UL 1993 as they are applied to fluorescent and LED devices
  • Identify the tests that are used to certify devices to UL 1993
  • Apply the marking requirements as they relate to UL 1993 devices

Learning objectives will be measured by:

  • Quiz

CEU’s Awarded: 0.0

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Time Requirement


Web-Based 30 minutes $125.00

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