UL 48 SignSmart Guide General Coverage Tool


This interactive tool determines if a sign design is eligible for UL’s General Coverage program, as set forth in the Follow-Up Inspection Instructions for Electric Signs under the category UXYT and UZBL under Service options 2 and 3. A final evaluation must be done using the program requirements found in the current Standard UL 48 for Electric Signs, the Follow-Up Inspection Instructions (FUII) for Electric Signs, the Sign Component Manual (SAM) and the UL Report.

UL's General Coverage program also includes the option of certifying signs to the requirements in Standard CSA C22.2 No. 207-M89-CAN/CSA for Portable and Stationary Electric Signs and Displays. The program is the same as described above, except country deviations are added to the sign manufacturers' UL Follow-Up Service procedure. With some minor construction changes, products that comply with standard UL 48 would comply with the requirements for Canada.

Information is provided on the UL submittal process if the sign design is determined not to be eligible for General Coverage. Signs that are outside the scope of UL 48 such as life safety exit signs and hazardous location signs are not included as part of this tool.

Target Audience

  • Sign designers
  • Fabricators
  • Assemblers
  • Production Inspectors
  • Staff responsible for procurement of sign components and materials
  • Commercial Electric Sign Specifiers
  • Electric Sign Installers
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Time Requirement


Web-Based 5 minutes

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