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This 45 minute self-paced course covers the fundamental service requirements of UL2050 ‘National Industrial Security Systems’. The course material includes the monitoring, protection service, transmission methods and alarm system installations. The objective of this module is to provide a basic understanding of all the service requirements for national industrial security systems.

UL 2050, the Standard for Safety of National Industrial Security Systems, establishes a variety of ways in which installation, monitoring, investigation and repair service can be provided. Self-paced eLearning is now available for those who qualify. Click the link below and provide the following information:

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Course Topics

  • Role of the CSO/CSA
  • Role of UL Auditor
  • Conducting a Service Test
  • Technical fundamentals
  • Monitoring
  • Requirements for GCMS Facilities
  • Common logs
  • UL Listed Central Stations
  • Protection Service
  • Signal Processing requirements
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Contracts and Training
  • Alarm transmission methods
  • Alarm installations
  • Transmission Methods and Alarm installations
  • Signaling path configurations
  • Manufacturer’s installation instructions
  • Security
  • Requirements for Encryption
  • Extent of Protection


  • Describe the Origin of Program
  • Identify the Defining Security Documents
  • Describe the Role of the CSO, CSA and the UL auditor
  • Explain the Creation UL Standards
  • Identify the responsibilities of the alarm service company
  • Identify the basic elements of service
  • Determine which paragraphs are affected by Security in Depth situations
  • Identify features requiring prior approval
  • Summarize the different types of monitoring provided
  • Describe a Government Contractor Monitoring Station (GCMS)
  • Discuss the National Industrial Monitoring Station (NIMS)
  • Identify the Listed Central Station characteristics provided
  • Describe the requirements of Law Enforcement monitoring
  • Identify Signal processing requirements
  • Explain Service Calls responsibilities
  • Define Maintenance requirements
  • Summarize record keeping responsibilities
  • Describe Contracts and Training
  • Describe Alarm transmission methods
  • Design Alarm installations
  • Identify all essentials monitoring requirements
  • Understand all necessary protection service requirements
  • Design certificated alarm systems that comply with guidelines found in UL681
  • Identify proper alarm transmission methods to include Line Security Technology

Learning objectives will be measured by: An end of module quiz, which requires 80% successful completion

Target Audience

  • Industrial security safety engineers
  • Compliance engineers
  • Industrial security product designers
  • List and alarm service employee
  • Department of Defense
  • Other DoD agencies
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Time Requirement


Web-Based 45 minutes $128.00

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