On-Demand Webinar: Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Systems: Designing for Compliance to Safety and Performance Standards


This complimentary 45-minute on-demand webinar provides an overview of the safety and performance requirements for Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Systems. It discusses applicable UL safety standards and additional compliance standards from the IEC, NEC, SAE and CHAdeMO.  Additionally, the presenter will provide viewers with an opportunity to learn more about the Knowledge Services advisory opportunities available in relation to EV.


Course Topics:

  • Types of electric vehicles
  • EV charging Systems charge levels
  • Standards that apply to EV charging Systems and components
  • EV Supply Equipment (EVSE) test procedures - UL Subject 2594
  • NEC Compliance - article 625 and 511
  • Information on additional resources and offerings in relation to EV's


  • Identify the main types of vehicles
  • Recognize the EVCS Charge Levels and DC Charging Systems
  • Identify Standards used for safety and compliance testing and other applicable standards to EVCS development
  • Identify the applicable sections of the NEC in relation to EVCS

Learning objectives will be measured by:

  • Discussion

Target Audience

  • EVCS manufacturers and installers
  • EVCS component manufacturers
  • Vehicle manufacturers
  • Government and other agencies or organizations interested in developing EV infrastructure
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Time Requirement


Web-Based 45 minutes

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