UL 48 Electric Signs, Program Overview


This course provides a high-level overview of the UL resources for the Sign Industry, with a concentration on the requirements of UL 48. Included in this module is detailed information about the required Manufacturer’s Technical Representative (MTR) that is associated with UL 48.  The MTR Training is designed to be self-paced and includes 13 modules that are 30-45 minutes each in length.  These modules include practical, detailed examples with periodic quizzes to ensure knowledge transfer.  Anyone in the Sign Industry who wishes to gain familiarity with the requirements of UL48 will benefit from this offering.


Course Topics

  • NEC requirements for signs
  • UL 48 Electric Sign examples
  • Key steps to obtaining a UL 48 listing
  • General coverage for UL 48
  • Introduction to the sign component manual
  • Overview of the CEC/UL program for Energy Efficient Signs
  • Introduction to CEC, Title 24
  • UL works proactively with Sign industry associations
  • Example of UL Sign industry business panel findings and variation notices
  • Overview of UL resources for the Sign industry
  • Introduction to file set up and ongoing field service fees


  • Understand that electric signs must be listed in accordance with the NEC
  • Learn the main steps for establishing UL certification for UL 48 Electric Signs
  • Recognize how UL’s ‘general coverage’ for electric signs allows flexibility in design, without testing
  • Understand how to build energy efficient signs in accordance with California Energy Commission (CEC), Title 24
  • Learn how UL works with Sign industry associations
  • Know how and where to access key UL resources helpful in building signs
  • Understand fees for initial set up and ongoing visits by UL field representatives

Learning objectives will be measured by:

  • Successful completion of the module

CEU’s Awarded:

  • 0

Target Audience

  • Anyone in the Sign Industry who wishes to gain familiarity with the requirements of UL48
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Time Requirement


Web-Based 30 minutes $0.00

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