UL 2158: Electric Clothes Dryer Containment Requirement


This 30 minute eLearning focuses on the changes in the UL 2158 standard. You will gain insight into the details of the Fire Containment Test and will be provided with a road map to assist you in navigating the Fire Containment Test Process. This course will also highlight the benefits of using UL’s appliance design advisory services to help you differentiate between your clothes dryer models to determine the machines that need testing, optimize your time and resources and help you successfully complete the Fire Containment Test.



  • Scope of clothes dryers affected
  • Design variations that affect the quantity of testing
  • Test Configurations
  • Scenarios based on different options to complete testing
  • Design advisor services to expedite successful execution of the Fire Containment Test


  • Understand the scope of the Fire Containment Test
  • Recognize why the Fire Containment Test is necessary
  • Identify test configurations and parameters
  • Identify process from beginning to end
  • Identify the UL Advisory Services available that can assist in optimizing time and resources

Learning objectives will be measured by:

  • No IACET Required


CEU’s Awarded:

  • N/A

Target Audience

  • Managers, Directors and Engineers
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Time Requirement


Web-Based 30 minutes

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