Energy Efficiency Program Updates and UL Verification Services


This segment of the LED Roadshow will provide an update on activities relating to a few of the prominent Energy Efficiency and Product Performance Test Programs that exist in North America including ENERGY STAR®, Lighting Facts, and Design Lights Consortium.  Specifics regarding ENERGY STAR® Luminaires and Lamps Program requirements will be covered as well as the test methods and requirements for Lighting Facts and Design Lights Consortium.   Additionally, a brief overview of UL Verification Services will be presented, highlighting some of the performance test capabilities at the various UL Laboratories.



  • Energy Efficiency Program Updates & UL Verification Services
    • Energy Star Program Overview
    • Energy Star Eligible & Ineligible Lighting Products
    • Leveraging UL’s Data Acceptance Program
  • Energy Star Luminaire Program Test Requirements
    • Test Requirements
    • New Standard
    • Luminaires
  • Energy Star Lamp Test Requirements
    • Energy Star Lamp Test Program
    • DOE’s Lighting Facts Program
    • Lighting Facts vs. FTC Label
  • Design Lights Consortium
    • What is DLC?
    • Test Lab Requirements
  • Energy Independence and Security Act
    • General service Lamps
  • UL Verification Services
    • Locations
    • Testing Solutions

Target Audience

  • Compliance engineers
  • R&D engineers
  • Technical product managers
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Time Requirement


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