Introduction to Zhaga


This segment of the Led Roadshow will help place the Zhaga Consortium into context by describing its role in the LED industry and reviewing its objectives and strategies. This presentation will provide technical insight into how Zhaga will help make LED light sources easily replaceable and available in the future. This segment will also highlight the development process of Zhaga specifications and present some of the existing specifications. The benefits of Zhaga membership and the services UL makes available to industry members who are interested in learning more about Zhaga or implementing the Zhaga specifications will also be reviewed.



  • Introduction to Zhaga
    • Who is Zhaga
    • Thermal Interface
    • Specification Development Process
    • Zhaga Books
    • Zhaga Memberships
    • Zhaga Services

Target Audience

  • Compliance engineers
  • R&D engineers
  • Technical product managers
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Time Requirement


Web-Based $25.00

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