UL Update, LED Market Trends, and Tips to Efficiently Navigate the Certification Process


This segment of the LED Roadshow will provide an overview of UL current business units and UL’s commitment to providing services that will contribute to a safer world.  Also presented will be general LED Market Trends, which will show the growth and future forecast of LED Lighting, as well as detailing potential new lighting technologies that are on the horizon. Finally, we will share tips and advice that will assist in navigating the certification process more efficiently, resulting in the ability to get your products to market in accordance with your timelines and needs.



  • UL Update
    • Global Market Acceptance
    • Partnership
  • Solid State Lighting Market Trends
    • LED Market Overview
    • LED Market Penetration
    • SSL Trends
    • OLED’s
    • Facilitating Global Trade - Standards
  • Efficiently Navigating the Certification Process
    • Ingredients for Success
    • Strategies for Safety

Target Audience

  • Compliance engineers
  • R&D engineers
  • Technical product managers
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Time Requirement


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