LED Sign Construction Essentials


The overall goal of this interactive 45 minute eLearning course is to improve consistency among UXYT Sign Manufacturers applying UL48 requirements while constructing factory build signs. The results of our recent Variation Notice analysis identified a number of areas where sign manufacturers continue to make the same construction variations during the manufacturing of LED signs.



  • Top 10 Causes for sign Variation Notices
  • Understand sign environments, indoor, outdoor and wet locations
  • Properly install and utilize the power supply
  • Know the limitation of LED modules
  • Grounding and bonding for self-contained and section signs


  • Build signs that comply with UL48
  • Properly construct signs in accordance with the LED driver specifications and LED module specifications
  • Utilize components in accordance with Conditions of Acceptability defined in the Sign Accessory Manual
  • Verify grounding and bonding of both self-contained and LED section signs

Target Audience

  • UL’s Sign customers making factory built signs with a focus on LED signs
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Time Requirement


Web-Based 45 minutes $99.00

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