Conducting a Validation Usability Test


This one-day course is presented by an experienced human factors engineer who specializes in medical device development and has led innumerable usability tests of medical devices. The course will give attendees a firm understanding of validation usability testing (also called summative usability testing) – a pivotal step in a comprehensive human factors engineering program. Attendees' new understanding will empower them to plan and manage usability testing efforts, or perhaps even prepare test plans, conduct test sessions and prepare test reports.

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Workshop topics

  • Conducting usability tests that satisfy regulators and meet standards
  • Linking usability testing with risk analysis
  • Preparing usability test plans
  • Choosing and recruiting appropriate test participants
  • Administering usability tests
  • Documenting use errors, close calls, and operational difficulties
  • Determining root causes of interactive difficulties
  • Preparing usability test reports
  • Estimating the cost and time required to perform a validation usability test


  • Determine the right time to conduct a validation usability test
  • Ensure that usability testing focuses on use-safety and usability
  • Establish a strong link between usability testing and risk analysis
  • Contribute to usability test plans
  • Gain the maximum benefit from observing usability tests
  • Guide or lead usability test sessions
  • Analyze the root causes of use errors, close calls, and operational difficulties experienced by test participants
  • Contribute to the analysis of usability test findings
  • Contribute to the usability test report

Target Audience

  • Regulatory compliance managers and engineers
  • Quality assurance specialists
  • Development project managers
  • Human factors specialists (new to the medical device industry)
  • Hardware user interface designers
  • Software user interface designers
  • Software developers
  • Documentation designers and writers
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Time Requirement


Instructor-Led 1 day $840.00

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