SCE's EV E-Learning Modules for Electricians


This course consists of 9 training modules covering various processes, procedures and related information to help you understand how to prepare residential homes and complexes for safe and reliable electric vehicle (EV) charging.

Please read the descriptions below to determine which modules you would like to view.  Each module can be viewed multiple times and in any order. If this is your first time working with SCE, it is recommended you view the first two overview modules to familiarize yourself with SCE's electrical rates, installation options and the emerging EV industry.


*Please note: This educational tool is to assist you through the process.  No certification is awarded for course completion.


Course Modules:

  • SCE's Electric Vehicle Training Overview
    • an overview of SCE operations, new automotive sales model, SCE's EV forecasts for its service territory, types of EVs, EV charging and impact, and SCE's residential and commercial electrical rate plans.
  • Single-Family Residential EV Process Options Overview
    • a description of each of the installation process options (next 6 modules).
  • Option 1: Residential Plan Using Customer's Existing Panel
  • Option 2: Residential Plan with Upgraded Customer Panel
  • Option 3: Home and EV Plan Using Customer's Existing Panel
  • Option 4: Home and EV Plan with Upgraded Customer Panel
  • Option 5: EV Plan with Second Panel or Meter Socket Box
  • Option 6: EV Plan with Dual Meter Socket Panel
  • Overview of Select Multifamily Dwelling EV Scenarios
    • select scenarios for installing charging equipment in multifamily dwellings.

Target Audience

  • This training is primarily for electricians but useful to other key players, including automakers and dealerships, charging equipment manufacturers and local government and communities.
  • The term "electrician," as used throughout this training, includes entities such as independent electricians, electrical contractors and 3rd parties offering end-to-end EV services.
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Time Requirement


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