Diagnosing HVAC Lightning and Electrical Surge Failures


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Millions of lightning strikes occur each year in the United States causing injury and damage to homes and equipment. This two-hour self-paced online course is designed to train HVAC technicians to use a systematic approach to troubleshoot, diagnose, and characterize if a system failure was caused by lightning strike and/or electrical surge damage.


Course Topics

  • Lightning strikes and the impact on HVAC units
  • Using the 5-Step troubleshooting process to isolate failures in HVAC units
  • Documenting and reporting findings


  • Describe the importance of identification of lightning strike and electrical surge damage
  • Identify the types of lightning strikes
  • Summarize lightning and electrical surge pattern characteristics
  • Identify system failure mode
  • Isolate failed sub-system
  • Analyze failed sub-system
  • Determine cause of failure
  • Characterize cause of failure
  • Summarize findings of independent laboratory testing
  • Document characterization of system failure
  • Pass an exam on Course Material

Target Audience

  • Experienced HVAC field technicians
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Time Requirement


Web-Based Modules 2 hours $149.00

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