Introduction to Long Term Thermal Aging (LTTA) – UL 746B Overview


The purpose of this one-day workshop is to increase your understanding of the temperature ratings assigned to a polymeric material, and how those ratings are assigned.  The workshop will provide an overview of the thermal aging project, including how and why a control material is used; how to select a control material; the type and number of samples needed for an investigation; how to select the aging temperatures for an LTTA project; and how the data is analyzed to determine the material’s temperature rating.  A series of lectures and classroom exercises have been designed to help you develop a thermal aging program for your material.    The knowledge you gain from this workshop will help facilitate the development of a thermal aging test program, helping you achieve the ratings you need as quickly as possible.


Workshop Topics

  • Overview of the Relative Thermal Index (RTI)
  • The Long Term Thermal Aging (LTTA) Project – Overview
  • Developing the Test Program – Selecting Materials
  • Developing the Test Program – Selecting Oven Temperatures
  • Introduction to Data Analysis


  • Define what RTI is and is not
  • Describe how RTI values are utilized in the selection of a plastic in an end-product investigation
  • Describe the process for selecting a control material
  • Determine the number of samples needed for an LTTA investigation
  • Explain how aging temperatures are selected
  • Generally describe the data analysis mechanism

Target Audience

  • Research and development staff
  • Compliance engineers
  • Product support staff
  • Laboratory managers

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Time Requirement


Instructor-Led 1 day Contact ulknowledgesolutions@ul.com

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