Electric Signs Energy Efficiency Verification


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This course covers the technical requirements, compliance methods, and verification process for the ULE energy verification mark for electric signs to the state of California energy standards.

Please note the following requirements before taking this course:

UL safety listing: Signs bearing the ULE energy verification mark must also comply with the requirements of the UL Sign Certification Program and must bear the appropriate UL listing mark.

Manufacturer’s Technical Representative (MTR): Each manufacturer shall designate and maintain at least one representative that meets the criteria of the MTR for energy verification of electric signs to Title 24. To qualify, the individual shall successfully complete the UL Knowledge Services Signs UL 48 Online Curriculum for Title 24 Energy Verification. Compliance to this requirement will be verified by the UL representative requesting the Certificate of Completion of the required UL University Signs Curriculum for the designee(s).

AHJs:  AHJs may be eligible to receive a special discount for this course. Please call UL Knowledge Services at 1-888-503-5536 for more information.


Course Topics

  • Title 24 Requirements for Sign Lighting Energy Efficiency
    • The California Energy Commission (CEC) 2008 Building Energy Efficiency Standards Title 24, Part 6, Section 148 of the California Code of Regulation provides the technical requirements for sign lighting power.
    • This course does not cover the Title 24 requirements concerning lighting controls such as dimmers and timers.
  • Compliance Approaches
    • Sign Lighting Energy Standards apply to both indoor and outdoor signs and contain two different prescriptive compliance options:
      • Option A: maximum allowed lighting power (also referred to as the watts per square foot approach)
      • Option B: Specific lighting source approach. The manufacturer is responsible for conducting and documenting the compliance assessment process on a Master Compliance Record (MCR) for all products intended to bear the ULE mark.
  • UL Verification Process
    • Each Manufacturer shall designate and maintain at least one representative that meets the criteria of a Manufacturer’s Technical Representative for energy verification of electric signs to Title 24. A UL Field Representative periodically visits the factory and reviews samples or records of signs displaying the ULE mark for energy verification.


  • Describe the California Energy Commission (CEC) Title 24 requirements for lighting power as applied to electric signs
  • Explain the two approaches for compliance to Title 24 requirements
  • Describe the procedures and process for UL verification to CEC Title 24 requirements

Target Audience

  • UL Sign customers who produce electric signs intended to be installed in the state California
  • Sign manufacturers wishing to produce signs that are verified for energy efficiency


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Time Requirement


Web-Based 30-45 minutes $200.00

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