ENERGY STAR® Requirements (On-Demand)


This one-hour On-Demand webinar is designed to teach participants about the new requirements for the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) ENERGY STAR® certification program.

About the presenter: Mike Shows, UL's Global Energy Efficiency Manager for Appliances, HVAC/R and Components, brings over 17 years of energy testing experience in the appliance and HVAC/R industry. Mike joined UL in 2003 and is currently located at our Energy Testing Center of Excellence in Plano, Texas. Prior to joining UL, Mike proudly served 10 years in the United States Army as Company Commander and Brigade Plans Officer in Operation Desert Storm. Mike holds a Masters Degree in Environmental Science.


Webinar Topics:

  • Certification bodies
  • Testing laboratories
  • The verification process, including:  product procurement, laboratory testing and the process for test failures
  • New EPA requirements
  • Challenges to certification
  • Compliance options


  • Recognize and be better prepared to meet the new ENERGY STAR® requirements
  • Identify the ISO 17025 and EPA requirements for laboratories
  • Understand your compliance options and choose the best one for your company

Target Audience

  • Product manufacturers, engineers, testers and designers
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Time Requirement


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