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UL is committed to protecting our reputation, company resources and corporate safety goals against the potential detrimental effects posed by counterfeiting and piracy.

For over 15 years, UL has taken an aggressive stance against such illegal activities through our comprehensive anti-counterfeiting program that involves partnerships with law enforcement agencies from around the world. UL Knowledge Services Brand Protection Training Solutions assist rights holders to implement brand protection strategies that will help protect your intellectual property.

Supporting law enforcement

UL has supported law enforcement efforts to combat Intellectual Property (IP) crime and has cooperated with INTERPOL on a large number of initiatives. These include:

  • The INTERPOL Intellectual Property Crime Action Group (IIPCAG)
  • The International Law Enforcement IP Crime Conferences

Protecting intellectual property

As IP crime continues to grow, public and private stakeholders must take a more proactive role in combating this illegal activity in order to mitigate its consequences. Education and awareness are two primary enablers to provide a practical framework for rights holders to use as a foundation for the design, implementation and operation of effective brand protection programs. Brand protection training for all rights holders and relevant stakeholders is a mandatory requirement to succeed in stemming the consequences of this illegal international trade.

International IP Crime Investigators College

The International IP Crime Investigators College (IIPCIC) is a fully interactive on-line IP crime training facility which benefits all law enforcement, regulatory authorities and private sector IP crime investigators. The INTERPOL IPR Programme is working in cooperation with UL University to deliver this important crime-fighting tool. The College’s main objective is to deliver leading edge training to equip investigators with the necessary skills to effectively combat current and emerging threats from IP Crime.

Click here to access the International IP Crime Investigators College.

Customized training solutions

UL Knowledge Services customized Brand Protection training services will design and produce educational solutions and materials to suit your unique needs and specific requirements. Specialized brand protection training materials will be developed with your specific requirements in mind to address areas such as:

  • Law enforcement training materials
  • Employee education
  • Supply-chain management
  • Clients and/or consumer awareness

In addition to training materials, UL Knowledge Services will deliver specialized educational programs through a variety of channels including instructor-led on-site workshops, eLearning modules and print-based materials as required by each individual client.

The customized training materials UL Knowledge Services will produce can include your real-world, industry-specific examples that can address IP crime issues that you and your company are facing right now. By using customized scenarios and case studies, learners will see exactly what challenges they will face. Your target audience can use the information to applying what they learn to their day-to-day operational responsibilities.

To learn more about UL Knowledge Services Brand Protection Training Solutions, contact UL Knowledge Services at 1-888-503-5536 for more information.

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