Laboratory Technician Essentials: A Practitioner’s Guide to the Laboratory Environment.


This course provides a three day intensive hands-on learning experience which focuses on gaining a full understanding of the responsibilities of a laboratory technician in a testing environment and how to conduct a systematic laboratory testing process.

The course covers how to use basic testing tools needed to perform various laboratory tests. It details the steps necessary to ensure the laboratory test is set up properly for various ambient and environmental conditions. You will gain essential knowledge and skills in methods to conduct the following laboratory tests: input, thermocouple, dielectric voltage, leakage current, grounding continuity and impact tests along with how to troubleshoot common problems in laboratory testing. Testing is demonstrated using both common stand-alone test equipment methods as well as multi-function test equipment.

Safety skills are crucial to a laboratory technician; the course provides a core foundation in safety issues that can impact the laboratory. Common criteria that must be met by laboratory testing such as accuracy, range, traceability, and calibration requirements are also covered.

In addition, you will gain understanding in how to determine the requirements that apply to the laboratory test you will be conducting. Specific testing methods and data acceptance compliance are covered during the instruction. You will also have numerous opportunities to apply your learning experience to case studies and work in a laboratory environment.


Topics Covered

  • Laboratory testing process
  • Standards-based testing requirements
  • Maintaining a safe laboratory work environment
  • Using basic laboratory tools
  • Performing key basic electronic laboratory tests
  • Recording and reporting data accurately


  • Recognize and maintain a safe laboratory environment
  • Review laboratory requests and coordinate laboratory tests including designing test fixture specifications
  • Set-up laboratory tests
  • Perform laboratory tests including input, thermocouple, dielectric voltage, leakage current, grounding continuity and impact tests
  • Record and report laboratory test data
  • Finalize a laboratory test request

Target Audience

  • This course is designed for entry level laboratory technicians, including those with a post-secondary associates or undergraduate degree in engineering, engineering technology or on-the-job experience in the field
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Time Requirement


Instructor-Led 3 days $1,925.00

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