Benefits of Becoming a UL Listed Fire Alarm Company


This one-hour self-paced e-Learning course is designed for fire alarm companies. This course will teach participants about the benefits of obtaining a UL listing and will introduce them to the each step necessary to become UL listed.

The topics in this web-based training include:

  • Reasons to become UL Listed
  • Where listing requirements come from
  • UL listing categories
  • Listing costs
  • Application process and pre-evaluation process
  • Requirements of the initial UL audit
  • Process for establishing and maintaining a listing after the initial audit
  • Process for issuing certificates


  • Recognize the value in a UL listing
  • Initiate the process to become UL listed
  • Prepare for every step in the UL listing process

Target Audience

  • Employees of fire alarm companies
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Time Requirement


Web-Based 1 hour Free

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