Components 101 - Overview of UL's Global Component Services


Components 101This interactive online course provides you with in-depth information about how UL global component services can help customers save time to market and development costs as well as drive supply chain integrity. 

The course illustrates the value that UL’s global component services bring to each phase of the product development and compliance lifecycle, including product design/development, product submittal, product production and product modification.  The course also shows how the use of UL Certified components can simplify the end-product compliance process.  As part of the course, you will learn how to leverage UL’s Online Certification Directories to identify the UL certified components that meet the specific criteria you need.  You will also learn how using alternate components can impact your UL end-product certification with UL. 

The course includes multiple learning paths so that users can select the level of content based upon their previous experience as well as learning objectives.


Components 101
  • Understand how to leverage UL's global component services to help you save time to market and development costs while delivering product and brand integrity at each stage in the product development and compliance lifecycle
  • Understand how to utilize UL certified components to simplify the end-product compliance process
  • Use UL's Online Certification Directory and iQ databases to source UL Recognized and UL Listed Components
  • Identify the overall characteristics of the UL Recognized and Listed Component Programs and describe how these programs work
  • Understand how UL's Traceability Programs enhance supply chain integrity
  • Understand how using alternate components may impact a company's end-product Certification with UL

Target Audience

  • Compliance and design staff
  • Manufacturing staff
  • Procurement managers and staff
  • Sourcing managers and staff
  • Sales and marketing staff
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Time Requirement


Web-Based 75 - 90 minutes $0.00

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