Recorded Webinar on Insulation Coordination - UL 60947-1 and UL 60947-4-1A


RECORDED WEBINAR - UL Knowledge Services together with the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) is pleased to offer a recorded webinar on Insulation Coordination for UL 60947-1 and UL 60947-4-1A.

This recorded webinar included discussion of principles and terms associated with insulation coordination, including creepage, clearance, material group categories, overvoltage categories and pollution degree.  The course focused on in-depth explanations on how to measure creepage distances and clearances in accordance with UL 60947-1 from both an IEC and North American certification compliance perspective. Finally, we discussed clearances and creepage distance requirements as they relate to UL 60947-4-1A along with standard defined construction techniques for mitigating spacing construction concerns.

Topics covered in this workshop were:

  • The UL and IEC approaches to insulation coordination
  • Definition of terminology associated with insulation coordination
  • UL 60947-1 and UL 60947-4-1A requirements for measuring creepage distance and clearances
  • Annex G of UL 60947-1
  • Annex C of UL 60947-4-1A


  • Define creepage and clearance, as it pertains to UL 60947-1 and 60947-4-1A
  • Explain how to measure creepage distances
  • Explain how to measure clearance distances
  • Identify construction techniques that can affect creepage and clearance distance requirements.
  • Ability to define the creepage and clearance requirements for a product based on its marked ratings and intended use

Target Audience

  • Industrial control product design engineers
  • Product safety engineers
  • Regulatory compliance engineers
  • Product managers
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Time Requirement


Web-Based 2 hours $79.00

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