Signs UL 48 Online Curriculum


This curriculum consists of a series of courses that cover the basic UL Listing Program for Signs, the basic safety requirements in UL 48 that apply to all signs, and the specific requirements in UL 48 that apply to select types of signs, such as neon, LED, fluorescent, incandescent, and HID.  This curriculum is designed for training of electric sign designers, engineers, specifiers, construction and assembly staff, and installers.

Completion of the curriculum will fulfill the basic qualification requirements for being designated as a Manufacturer's Technical Representative (MTR) in the updated UL sign certification program.

Below is a list of the modules covered in this curriculum. Each module will take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete.*

  • UL 48 Electric Sign Requirements Overview
  • General Requirements for Supply Connections and Wiring
  • General Requirements for Enclosures, Openings and Spacings
  • General Requirements for Grounding and Bonding
  • General Requirements for Specific Installation Locations, Resistance to Moisture and Drain Openings
  • General Requirements for Marking
  • General Requirements for Section Signs
  • General Requirements for Sign Components 
  • LED Sign Requirements
  • Neon Sign Requirements
  • Fluorescent Sign Requirements
  • Incandescent Sign Requirements
  • HID Sign Requirements

*This curriculum is self-paced so you may start and stop each module at any time without having to start over from the beginning of each module.


  • Define the UL Listing Service Process
  • List the key documents used in the UL Listed Signs Program
  • Apply basic safety requirements to building signs
  • Recognize specific requirements that apply to different sign types

Target Audience

  • Individuals to be designated as an MTR
  • Sign designers
  • Fabricators
  • Assemblers
  • Production inspectors
  • Staff responsible for procurement of sign components and materials
  • Commercial Electric sign specifiers
  • Electric sign installers


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Time Requirement


Certificates $500.00

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