Performance of Special Extinguishing Agents for Firefighter Use


This one-hour presentation is based on a research study to evaluate the performance and effectiveness of special extinguishment agents in firefighting of residential structural fires.

This presentation will evaluate the fire performance of various special agents including wetting agents and Class A foams and compare their performance to that of a baseline, traditional water application.

This research study was funded by the Department of Homeland Security’s Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program.


  • Provide brief history of events leading up to DHS Grant tests
  • Identify the fire test hypothesis, parameters, and steps completed in the testing process
  • Compare test results (water only vs. extinguishment agents).
  • Communicate final observations and provide a summary of investigation.

Target Audience

  • All fire services and personnel in North America
  • Fire safety organizations, building code officials, public health officials, fire protection engineers, architects, building owners, contractors, manufactures, and installers of fire protection equipment
  • Insurance companies

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