New IEC/UL 61810-1 to Replace UL 508 for Electromechanical Relays


Electromechanical relays (EMRs) are remote-controlled switches that use a small amount of power to switch many circuits in electrical devices. As the desire to reduce power consumption increases in a time of rising global energy prices, so does the demand for EMRs. Additionally, the rising number of renewable energy developments is also driving the demand for EMRs.

In today’s global economy, reducing time and cost to market is critical. And with the rising demand for EMRs, understanding applicable standards as well as necessary testing and certification requirements can help streamline global market entry.

UL 508, Standard for Industrial Control Equipment, has evolved its U.S. based requirements for electromechanical relays to a harmonized international standard, IEC/UL 61810-1, Standard for Electromechanical Elementary Relays. This educational webinar covers the current and future state of the new Standard, which is harmonized with IEC, as well as discuss the overall implementation plan of the UL 508 Standard transition. Gaining a better understanding of the transition will help prepare you for successful market entry.


  • Understand UL's first international electromechanical relay Standard, how the Standard aligns with its companion IEC standard and how you can transition your certification to the new harmonized Standard, IEC/UL 61810-1
  • Introduce one of UL's first Standards to evaluate electromechanical relays for access to global markets
  • Learn how to address U.S., Canada and international certification requirements
  • Learn how relays are integrated into existing residential, commercial and industrial applications
  • Understand the implications of the requirements of the new international Standard for relay applications and how they are now compatible with the end-product IEC-based standard
  • Identify how UL can help with life cycle Verification

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