UL Certified Functional Safety (UL-CFSX) eXpert Semiconductor - Certification Overview


The UL Certified Functional Safety eXpert Semiconductor Certification program was created to meet and exceed existing industry requirements with a comprehensive functional safety training and assessment.  This program is geared towards safety managers, program managers, semiconductor developers, as well as others who will be heavily involved in functional safety during the semiconductor product development lifecycle.

Our general requirements for the UL-CFSX (UL Certified Functional Safety eXpert) program are:

  • Completion of the UL-CFSP training course, plus passing grade on proctored examination.
  • Relevant work experience applying functional safety principles to the semiconductor industry (minimum 5 years related industry experience)
  • UL audit/assessment of competency via appointed UL Subject Matter Expert (technical interview in person or remote)



To Register for this Program:

  • Accept Terms and Conditions. Create a new user account (if needed) and add the Terms and Conditions to cart. Check out, then View and Accept Terms and Conditions    
  • Register and pay examination fees through this site. Log into your user account, add to cart, and process your payment.
  • After the steps above have been completed, you will be contacted by a UL representative to schedule your assessment.

To Begin:

  1. Create an account on this site. Or, log in to your existing account.
  2. Read and Accept the Terms and Conditions found here.
  3. After completing Step 2, pay for your application found here
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Time Requirement


Notification $750.00

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