Building Guards: Scope and Limitations of CSA Standard A500-16


CSA standard A500-16 specifies the requirements for materials, design, construction, testing and performance of building guards.

This one-day course introduces the content of the standard and discusses its impact on the design of building guards based on the principles of post-breakage resistance and on the criteria.

The required laboratory tests will be demonstrated on a typical building guard configuration. The purpose of this demonstration will be to aid in understanding the performance and design criteria presented in the theoretical part of the course.


Course Topics

 Introduction to the standard

- History

- Application and scope of the standard

- Types of building guards covered by the standard

- Exclusions



- Compliance with the standard

- Loads

- Walls and fenestration serving as building guards

- Analysis and design methods

- Support structure

- Protective surface

- Openings inside and around


Types of glass and conditions of use

- Laminated glass

- Tempered glass

- Rigid spacer

- Distance from floor edge or overhang


Post-breakage requirements


Practical cases

- Situation scenarios for participants



- Control tests

- Laboratory tests

- Anchor and fastener tests

- Penetration cone test

- Marking

- In-situ tests

- Fenestration acting as a building guard

Target Audience

  • Multiple roles and levels in an organization including but not limited to

    - Architects

    - Engineers

    - Commercial Builders/Contractors

    - Manufacturers   



Tarek Elewa, Eng. – Assistant Manager, Fenestration Testing, UL Building Science

For over 4 years, Tarek Elewa has been involved in many tests on building guards and fenestration meant to withstand loads as building guards. UL Building Science laboratory participated in the development of CSA standard A500-16 and Tarek Elewa was responsible for the new standard’s projects.


Béthanie Cloutier, Eng. M.Eng. - President, CPA Verre Structurel inc.

For over 15 years, Béthanie Cloutier has been involved in the development of numerous structural glass projects in Canada and abroad. In addition to exterior bolted glass (EBG) facade projects, a significant part of the mandates shared with her engineering colleagues, Albert Eskenazi and Daniel Mongeau, involves the design of glass building guards and glass partitions acting as building guards. The firm participated in the development of CSA A500-16 through Albert’s involvement with the committee responsible for the section on glass building guards.


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Time Requirement


Instructor-Led 1 day $595 CAD (calculated to approx $450 US dollars according to the current exchange rate)

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