Overview of NFPA 1851 Verification - Recorded Webinar


This webinar will give a review of the UL Verification of Service Providers and Organizations of Structural Garments. This course will provide an introduction to NFPA 1851 and the UL verification program for this standard. By taking this course, you will gain a general understanding of the verification process and timeline, including follow up surveillance; completion of an information sheet for your product submittal; and gain a basic understanding of the requirements in the product standards, including the repairs and cleaning verification requirements.


  • Changes to NFPA 1851
  • Verification Categories
  • Verification Process
  • Changes to Testing Requirements
  • Important Dates

Target Audience

  • Product Development Engineers
  • Design Engineers
  • Compliance Staff
  • Field Staff
  • Personnel responsible for purchasing PPE

Presenter Biographies

Amanda Newsom is a UL Staff Engineer and reviewer for first responder personal protective clothing and equipment certifications. She holds a Textile Engineering degree from North Carolina State University has been with UL for over 13 years. She serves as a voting member of numerous National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) technical committees, ASTM committees and ISO committees. One of those committees includes the NFPA 1851 standard.


Karla Litaker is a Senior Project Chemist and NFPA 1851/1855 Program Coordinator. She has is a UL project handler and reviewer for flame-resistant personal protective closing certifications and NFPA 1851/1855 service verifications. She has been with UL for 17 years and holds Chemistry and Biochemistry degrees from North Caroline State University.

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Time Requirement


Web-Based 35 minutes Free

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