Fire Alarm Control Systems: Designing Compliance to UL 864


This two-day instructor led workshop about control unit and accessories for fire alarm systems UL 864 will focus on the construction, operation requirements and efficacy testing of fire alarm units and systems. Participants will receive an overview of the Standard as well as the product construction requirements. Other topics covered include performance monitoring for integrity requirements of protected premises units/systems, compatibility testing and software assessment evaluation. Learners will also review the product marking and installation diagrams and instruction requirements as well as a typical product test plan.

Each participant will receive a copy of the UL 864 Standard ($502 USD value).


Workshop Topics

  • Development and organization of the Standard
  • Product construction requirements overview
  • Basic operational requirements for various types of services
  • Minimum performance for monitoring the integrity of protected premises Units and systems
  • Software integrity assessment
  • Hardware efficacy testing
  • Compatibility testing for notification appliance circuits, releasing circuits and two-wire smoke detectors
  • Non-efficacy hardware testing for risk of fire and shock
  • Manufacturing and production line tests
  • Required marking and installation wiring diagram and instructions
  • Typical product test plan


  • Identify the fundamental operation requirements relative to the different types of services for fire alarm control equipment
  • Itemize the construction requirements for the various parts comprising the product
  • Define the monitoring for integrity requirements for a fire alarm system
  • Explain the compatibility testing requirements for typical circuits in a fire alarm system
  • Select appropriate hardware tests for specific use of a given fire alarm control product
  • Identify the minimum information required for marking on the product and to be contained in the installation wiring diagram

Target Audience

  • Fire alarm control unit and accessory design engineers and manufacturers
  • Regulatory compliance engineers
  • Hardware and software engineers
  • Technical writers
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Time Requirement


Instructor-Led 2 days Contact ulknowledgesolutions@ul.com

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